Lumecare Eyelid Wipes

What are Lumecare Eyelid Wipes used for ?

Lumecare Eyelid Wipes are for daily ocular cleansing and hygiene. They can be used for cleaning away crusting and stickiness of the Eyelids as part of a Daily Hygiene Programme.

Features and Benefits

  • Preservative Free-No induced ocular irritation or toxicity
  • Detergent Free-No disruption of the tear film (reduces risk of Dry Eye)
  • Hypoallergenic-No allergic reaction
  • Sterile-To reduce bio-load on the eye
  • No Additives-Suitable for sensitive eyes and skin
  • Gentle formulation-Ideal for all ages including babies
  • “Solution has electrolytes, pH and Osmolality similar to Natural “Tears Composition-Well tolerated and no stinging!


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